Monday, August 15, 2011

Summer came....

Summer came in Flair and Giggles

Celebrating school ending with ice cream just to check in with Dr. Bickers on exactly how much sweets can fit in this summer.

Summer ride in wonderful June weather... with good music playing loud.

Pool openings and swim team starts with practice every day and meets every week.
GO ACAC GO, GO Josefine GO

Swedish National day June 6th invited to traditional treats like pickled herring and strawberries with whipped cream

Father's day made it self noticed for all the amazing Dad's out there!!
On a FUN note and observation:
The planning for Mother's day from Fathers are most in last minute with a offer of tip as long as it gets to them in time.
The planning for Father's day from Mother's starts with more than enough time but are instead asking for discounts of doing so.
You gotta love the Men and Women differences!!!!