Tuesday, September 30, 2014

2014 summer experiences

 The summer activities of hot temperatures outside and a lot of water play takes the best out of kids and there is nothing better than a well deserved nap, Meanwhile Mommy get a chance to assemble the new BBQ,,,, in which came free out of credit card points,, YEY

 A commitment to my self is a minimum of 30minutes moving every day, I am now into my 7th week and already feel stronger with more energy,, but have to say the first 2 weeks was filled with clumsiness and terrible coordination with body and mind,, ha ha luckily it turned around!!
This inspiration to change comes from seeing my Mother's struggle Physically with simple things during our visit in Sweden!

Also learning to treat myself for nice dinners, as any single parent can relate to , "how fun is it to cook for your self?" When kids are not around it's easy to ignore what we eat and especially to make it look delicious!
... trust me it doesn't happen every night ,,, but I'm learning

 We did get a new family member this summer, Meet Bella!!! THE CAT that choose to live with us ;-) Long story short:
She wandered inside our place late one evening and didnt wanna leave, after a week we found her owner (who lives 2 blocks down) he says "I don't like the cat anyhow so you can have her,,, hmmmm ok I guess then we have a new pet!!
She is now officially ours AND the Boss around the house, if I don't give her food first in the morning she will Bite my ankles as a reminder,,, ha ha ha
WE love her and we know her LOVE is mutual!!
 Treats as Hot tub bath during dinner at friends house,,,, treats as getting hold of Swedish Crayfish in Virginia and teaching freinds on how to eat them,,,, JOY

My little sister and her girls enjoyed a warm Swedish day at "Skärgården" .... more trip to Sweden events to come in separate post!