Friday, February 1, 2013

I am back into blogging ;-)

A new year has started and so has a new beginning of my blog
dont know yet whats going to be placed here but hoping I can share tips up downs of being a working mother of two! A lot have happened since last posts we keep going forward, my youngest daughter Nellie has turned 6 and I look at her with amazement over her creativity , sense of humor, stubbornness,  strong opinions and constant giving of love 

sending a strong and full with LOVE thought over to my Mother right now recovering from her spinal surgery since Tuesday, I wish so much I could have been closer to her and helped her through the pains and worries, Jag alskar dig , Mamma 
At work Formia Design I now have not only one co worker "Joan" who is "my rock" in the office and keeping myself and our client's updated with every detail
At the work bench there is now also Jordan who eagerly working his way through his training, he brings his calm, strong sense of detail and new way of looking at things, I am excited to see what future holds for him ;)
 ........more about them is to come in near future!

All these changes and help at work will hopefully get me a tiny bit more time to enjoy the motherhood and start creating new ways of bringing Formia design into the future!
A story to be continued...... is the fact of a order shipped out yesterday to a very famous, funny and well respected actress...... I am hoping to post her response and feedback very soon.....

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