Monday, April 15, 2013

March 2013 exciting travels.....

Winter came in March to Virginia with heavy white beautiful snow! I Followed up with a trip to NYC for friends and the Jewelry trade show, Formia Design decided to take the step into new technology in welding.

My dear friend Katherine and I on her roof in NYC

back home again my daughter Josefine's art got honored by her school and on display in Charlottesville, she decided then to honor "locks of Love" with her waist long hair. ;-)

 March became a travel month once I decided to take a inspirational 5 day trip back home to Sweden for a visit,,, it was cold my very delicious!! 

EASTER then banged on the door,,,, to make sure the bunny didn't miss any blond van Beek girls he came a few days early,,,, you never know if he makes it to Jamaica!
 A Dream came true........ ending March in sun sand and salt water and are now in full work back home again with awaiting MOTHER's DAY just around the corner,,, well can I say anything else but,,, travel is good, BUT it is the greatest to LOVE your work!

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